Kilimanjaro Climbs

Mount Kilimanjaro,19,340' high is by far the high point of an African experience. Our 5-6 day climb is a life long memory for those that will stretch themselves just a little.

The hike up is non-technical nor hard but it is taxing. Be in good shape, bite back the aches and the world will unfold below you. Here we get the first glimpse of the summit from the saddle at 13,500'. Pictured is some of the sparse but exotic flora which is a treat. Above here the scenery turns into a moonscape.
500' glacier right on the equator 11/20/97, 6:21 AM Uhura Peak, Cabo's 50th. Birthday Hearts and spirits soar like eagles, miles above the African plains. You can see back into yesterday and clear into tomorrow. The challenge met and you are forever different.
Special thanks to: Gabriel Gonzales, Director and Sam Mundia, Manager of marketing, KOBO Safaris, Ian Jones, General manager, Capricorn Lodge, Julian Aloyce, Guide Co-ordinator, Abdul Marealle, Chief Guide K.G.C.S., H. Fazal, Director, Mustafa Manager, Zebron, trusted driver, Leopard Tours

The certificate presentation given to Cabo and team. Abdul Marealle, Chief Guide of K.G.C.S. ( Kilimanjaro, Guide Co-op Society) is just left of Cabo, presenting the certificate of accomp- lishment in the Capricorn Lodge our headquarters at the base of the mountain. Abdul is by far the greatest man I have ever met.

Join me back up to the roof of Africa, August 98

Kilimanjaro Climb Itinerary

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