These one day, "Fly-In Expeditions" are designed to allow you the experience the, Ice -Continent, get your passport stamped by the commander of the Russian
Station and leave.

Minimal natural impact- maximum mental impact

Our landing rights give you bragging rights!

Why cling to the rail of a rolling cruise ship for 8 days to
get a glimpse of the ice when you can join us for a 3 hour flight kiss the ground, grab some pictures and get out!

$4995.00 all-inclusive
dbl. Occ.
with airfare from Dallas TX.

Day one/Day two ;(over night flight) You will fly American Airlines to Punta Arenas, Chile and transfer to our lovely hotel, Isla Rey Jorge. Transfers and Dinner included.

Day Three; The "Cabo Kurt Antarctica Fly-In Expedition" begins prior to our flight; through a specialized debriefing session we indicate the characteristics of the flight, the places we will be visiting, the recommendations for our safety, and the necessary steps to take in order to protect this ecosystem. The pilots check the weather conditions and if they are favorable we will leave heading south towards Antarctica, our destination.

During the flight, we will be crossing the Strait of Magellan and continue over Tierra del Fuego Island, the Darwin Mountains and its glaciers. Only Islands will compose the landscape until we reach Cape Horn and the last rocks of the American continent.

The first explorer disembarking in King George Island in 1819 was de British sailor William Smith. Unlike Smith, Scott, Palmer, Shachelton and other expeditionaries who had to face the roughness of the Drake sea for several days, we will get to the Antarctica's airport of Frei Base at King George Island, on a pleasant flight of three and a half hours. After the arrival, also will visiting the establishments of Villa Las Estrellas (Las Estrellas Village), first site to be inhabited by civilians, we will see wild fauna, glaciers and other attractions offered by this place.

Baleen whales, Orcas or Killer Whales, Sea Lions, Weddel Seals, Antarctica Seals and Penguins compose the fauna, which feeds on the Antarctica's rich waters. The famous Adelie penguins are the main species, but you will also see the Papua Penguins, Antarctica Penguins and many other kinds. Of all these species the most feasible to see in our visit are the different varieties of Penguins, Sea Lions and the Weddell Seals.

Frei Base was, established in 1980 under the name of Teniente Rodolfo Marsh, together with Presidente Frei Meteorological Center inaugurated in 1969, is one of the main meteorological and navigational stations in the Antarctica.

The scenery, fauna and marine life are the main attractions for the tourist; this place is one of the few in the world that has remained untouched by men, this is why it constitutes one of mankind's most important biosphere reserves.To comply with the strict rules and regulations of environmental preservation, AEROVIAS Antarctica S.A. had to submit this expedition project for an evaluation by the Comision Nacional del Medio Ambiente (National Environmental Commission), resulting in approval of the project. You are a part of that effort !



  • Visit Villa Las Estrellas, its facilities and meteorological center.

  • Visit the Sea Lion colony in the Drake Sea in a hike across the runway towards the beach.

  • Lunch and/or snack depending on the place and time of arrival.

  • Walk to the Chinese Station to observe Marine Birds, Penguins and Weddell Seals.

  • Cross over (walking through an isthmus) to Ardley Island, where Papua Penguin colonies live.

    " We will visit different Antarctica Research Stations and we will be able to speak to the investigators. The big hit being the Russina Station of Bellinghausen, where we will get the most coveted passport stamp on EARTH!

    During the day some time is left to see places of special attractive and prepare our return to Punta Arenas. We arrive Punta Arenas, about 7:PM , transfer to our hotel have a grand dinner and just soak in a memorable day.


    Day Four; We will depart for the Patagonian highland aboard our bus for a 3 hour drive of wonderous vistas. We arrive

    This world famous park is in the Chilean part of Patagonia. It covers 538,315 acres and includes the area around the impressive Cordillera del Paine (Payne Range) the youngest on earth and probably one of the most impressive natural landscapes in the world.

    248 miles from Punta Arenas, in the Mythical Straits of Magellan, the park is 150 feet above sea level. However, it´s peak tower over us at 9,840 feet, rising in true walls capped by perpetual snows.

    Yearly the park welcomes visitors, from hikers with backpacks who stay in tents to those travelers who stay in exclusive hotels that offer an excellent service. There is a network of pathways and roads, a security system, well placed signs, plenty of information and all you need to enjoy your stay.

    Excursions may be taken on horseback, on foot, in sailboats or in vehicles. Excitement is assured as you constantly discover natures marvels. Of course there are tasks reserved for only the most expert mountain-climbers, but it is not necessary to take up excessive challenges. Nothing artificial is needed to stimulate all of the sences here.

    We are ready to quote/prepare excursions into this park by private or regular services with english speaking guides.

    Visits may last from a full day to a week. However, we always combine Paine(Payne) National Park with fiord´s navigation to glaciers. These two sights are worth a visit.

    We tour this fabulous area for 3 days all-inclusive returning to Punta Arenas, DaySeven and depart for our return flight home to the USA.

    This itinerary is intentionally vage due to the weather windows fro our Antarctica charter flight. If weather closes us out our first day we stay close to Puntat Arenas and try again the next day. We are primarily motivated to get you safely to Antarctica and all other options are secondary to that.

    We are professionals and the aircrew operation is third generation suppliers to the ice continent, so be bold and venture out with confidence.

    Regards, Cabo, Kurt Strecker

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